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Fuel Tanks


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Taking the mystery out of fuel tanks.... 

Fuel tanks are somewhat of a mystery, in that you can't see what is on the inside looking into them from the outside. However, repairing and working on fuel tanks is not a mystery to the staff here at Polar Auto and Radiator. We consider fuel tank repair to be a very specialized service. Fuel tanks come in all sizes and shapes....from small motorcycle fuel tanks, to average modern vehicle fuel tanks, to unique antique car fuel tanks, to huge heavy duty equipment fuel tanks....we've seen em all!

We service gas tanks, diesel tanks, or any tank that can hold antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid or any other fluids. We submerge fuel tanks in our hot tank to boil out, clean and neutralize the  gas tank so that we can safely make necessary repairs. After this process we continue on repairs, test the tank for any other issues and then seal the inside and out of the tank with the highest standard of fuel tank sealer that is compatible with newer fuels.

While there are people out there who have repaired their own fuel tanks, this is a very dangerous undertaking. Although, a tank may have been drained and completely dried out for quite some time, there is always the possibility that the tank is volatile and may explode.

Over the years, we have encountered "do it yourselfers" who attempt to seal their own tank and ultimately the materials, and or the preparation leading up to the sealant, were inadequate. Allow us to take the mystery out of fuel tanks and service your modern, classic, antique or muscle car fuel tank. In addition, our state of the art test  hot tank gives us the ability to service large industrial fuel tanks.

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