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Driving and traveling in hot weather with a good Air Conditioning system keeps your passengers calmer and happier, which makes your job as the the driver much less stressful and a whole lot more comfortable.

Many times when you find your air conditioner not working it is because the car hasn't been used for a long period of time. In milder climates, such as Santa Cruz, we use our a/c less than half the year. What happens is many of the sealing o-rings in the system will shrink, dry out and allow the refrigerant to leak out. This is why it is a good idea to run the a/c periodically during the off season. Many times these problems can be noticed before hooking up a machine to the a/c system. Once the a/c machine is being used, we will test for leaks and if none are detected we will use a dye that will be visible at the leak area. At this point, further repairs can be made to keep your air conditioner operating cool for quite some time.  

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