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Belt, Hoses and Filters


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At Polar Automotive and Radiator during a routine service, we check drive belts, and all hoses including radaitor hoses, cooling systems hoses, A/ C hoses, power steering hoses, vacuum hoses, engine oil hoses, transmission oil hoses, and fuel hoses. Typically, hoses need to be replaced if we notice that the rubber is cracking, splitting, fraying or expanding. In addition, if we notice and seeping, or leaking form any of the hoses we will repalce with new parts.

Oil Filters help reduce dirt from entering your car engine. At Polar Automotive, we replace oil filters during every oil change service. During this oil change service we inspect the air filter as well.

Air Filters are often neglected, yet your car is in constant need of clean air. Without clean air entering into the engine intake system  your engine will permaturely fail. So, it is safe to say that an ounce of prevention will produce a healthier engine life, and many more miles of service from your car.




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Belts and Hoses

Air Filters and Oil  Filters  

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