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Brake Repair Santa Cruz


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Notice Any Squeaking, Scraping, Squealing, Grinding, or Any Unusual  Noises From Your Brakes?………It's Time for Polar to Perform a Brake Inspection!

Thankfully, an automobile is able to come to a complete stop because of the brake system. Each wheel has a brake system that uses friction to stop your car.  When we press the brake pedal a forced is placed on the master cylinder. In turn, this force is increased  by the master cylinder and travels through brake hoses and brake lines to the four brake assemblies.

Many cars today, use both disc brakes and drum brakes. Disc brakes are used on the front wheel and drum brakes on the rear wheels. (Keep in mind that not all cars use both disc and drum brakes).

Some common warning signs that the brakes in your car may be failing are when you:

  • push so hard on the brake pedal to stop the car...not so good!
  • apply pressure on the brake pedal and notice that the pedal vibrates
  • press brake and car drives to the right or left
  • hear scraping, chattering or rattling, or squeaking when you press brake pedal 
  • notice brakes producing  a lot of heat


At Polar Auto and Radiator a routine brake inspection will include checking the condition of:

  • the brake fluid
  • brake material condition
  • rotor, and or brake drum condition
  • brake hoses, and brake lines
  • parking brake cable and their components


In addition, we will look for:

  • leaks at the master cylinder
  • fluid marks on the inside of each tire
  • cracks in the flex lines
  • possible issues with all hydraulic lines
  • rear brake lights, to see if working


Now some information on the most common brake service which is front brake replacement. During assembly, we clean and lube brake hardware, machine or replace rotors depending on their condition. Next step is installation of new brake pads. Brake fluid is evacuated and re-filled to the maximum fluid level.  Of course, we always check the parking brake adjustment! Finally, we test drive the vehicle to be sure brakes work properly. If you are concerned about the condition of your brakes, then give us a call and one of our techs will be glad to perform a brake inspection.