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The radiator in your vehicle is one of many parts under the hood of your car, but it is the key component in keeping your engine running at a normal temperature.  If the radiator becomes plugged from calcium, dirt, or rust it will become very hot.  If any of these problems arise the radiator will overheat, and then it cannot cool your car engine. Basically, a hot radiator could mean a blown engine or  a blown head gasket…which means you could be sitting on the side of the road…..not good!

The best way to prevent an overheating problem with your radiator is to have it serviced regularly. At Polar Auto and Radiator we recommend servicing the radiator, and the cooling system every year or two. When we service the radiator, and this is usually in conjunction with the overall cooling system, we test:

 the thermostat to see if it is regulating the temperature of the coolant

 the radiator by performing a  pressure test to see if there are any leaks

the fans to make sure they are engaging and cycling appropriately

the radiator cap to make sure the seals on the caps are in good shape

the cooling system and then do a flush and refill

 Performing  a cooling system flush is a must to make sure the coolant is the right mixture of antifreeze and water, and is clean of any harmful debris. Keep in mind that radiators work hard at keeping your car running smoothly, and they do wear out over time. Regular radiator repair and service will prolong the life of your car, but as your car ages so does the radiator and often repairs will not suffice, and then it is often suggested that the radiator be replaced.

Polar Auto and Radiator has a state of the art test tank,  and hot tank to accommodate car, truck, and  heavy duty equipment. In addition, we service and repair antique, and classic car radiators.

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