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Water Pump Replacement

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Water Pump Replacement


The water pump has a very specific job. The water pump moves the coolant through the cooling system. It is very safe to say that water pump failure is very common. Water pumps have been known to fail as early as 40,000 miles, and are  likely to fail over time at around 100,000 miles.


When a water pump fails there is really very little service that can be done to repair a water pump. Ultimately, water pumps have to be replaced. When a water pump does fail it usually has to do with faulty bearings, or from a failed seal. The faulty bearing may cause a grinding sound that you will hear when you are driving your car. Another safe tip that your water pump is failing is a coolant leak. So, if you see coolant in your garage, then give us a call:  831-423-8100.


It is a well known automotive practice that auto repair shops will suggest replacing water pumps during a timing belt replacement.  Historically, timing belts need to be replaced somewhere between 65,000 to 90,000 miles. In some engines, the water pump is driven by a timing belt. So, It is very convenient to change the water pump during a timing belt replacement. Most of the water pump work can be done during the timing belt replacement. Failure to change the water pump during a timing belt replacement could cause a leak somewhere in the system, and then both water pump and timing belt will have to be replaced because the belt will be ruined by the coolant leak.


The most common reasons a water pump fails:

  • coolant leak

  • faulty bearrings

  • bent fan

  • missing piece of fan

  • cracked fan blade

  • a worn fan clutch


Do not ignore the grinding sounds, or the squeaky sounds coming from your car. The staff at Polar Auto will be glad to look at your car and determine if it is time for a water pump replacement.