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Heater Cores


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Heater Cores provide more than just warm air......


Polar Auto and Radiator sells, and repairs heater cores. We have the largest selection of heater cores in the greater Santa Cruz area. In addition, Polar has been repairing and servicing heater cores and the cooling system for over sixty years!

A heater core is very important to your vehicle. Yes, it does the job of keeping you and your passengers warm and comfortable during the cold winter season. However, it also does the job of defrosting your windows which is very important to your driving safety. It's clear that foggy windows can be very problematic when driving.

There may be several reasons as to why the heater in your car may not be working properly. The heart and soul of your car heater is the heater core. The number one reason for a faulty heater core is a leak. This leak from the heater core comes from hot coolant which turns to steam, then fogs the inside of your windshield causing very unsafe visibility.  Other reasons why you may have poor heater performance could be due to a plugged heater core, faulty blend doors, and other climate control malfunctions.

If the heater in your car isn't working, or you notice only lukewarm air in the cab of your car then bring your car in and one of our techs will check out the cooling and heating system.


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