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Five Steps to Good Car Care

5 Sensible Steps to Good Car Care

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 The crew here at Polar Auto has put together 5 sensible steps to good car care that will provide you with a safe and reliable car to drive down the road for many years.

1. Look with your eyes wide open!  Look to see if anything is hanging from the undercarriage of your car, look on the pavement to see if there are coolant leaks. In addition, look in the radiator to see if there is enough coolant. Check the dipstick to see if your car is low on oil.  Walk around the car and check to see if all lights are working. Be sure to check lights at different times of the day, and make certain both headlights are working. It's amazing how many people drive around with only one headlight!

2. Sniff, Sniff....Smell your car! Sounds silly, but smelling odors in and around the car could save your life! The most obvious and most life threatening smell associated with a vehicle would be fuel. Fuel leaks need to addressed immediately. Coolant leaks are a problem for many vehicles as well.  A coolant leak is a rather easy odor to detect. Typically, a coolant leak will leave a sweet taste in your mouth. If you notice a fuel leak or coolant leak, then have your car serviced TODAY!

3. Listen, and REALLY LISTEN to those noises!  Do you notice your brakes squeaking? It might be time for new brake pads! Does your car make a clunking sound when you turn? Perhaps its time for a cv axle! Can you hear tire noise while driving on the freeway? Maybe a tire rotation, or new tires might be the answer to that noise. Just keep listening! The more information you have on what type of noise your car is making, will help the mechanic to pinpoint the problem. Shhhh, and listen!

4. Touch your car! Walk around your car an use a light touch with the palm of your hand to feel for anything that might be missing or broken. Feel and touch the windshield wipers to see if they are cracking. Wipers should be replace at least once a year. When the car is cool feel and touch all belts. Check to see if hoses and belts are loose. If you can feel hoses that are cracking, fraying, splitting or bulging it is time to replace those hoses. Lightly touch or wiggle the rear view mirror, and side mirrors to see if they are loose.

5. Common Sense Makes Total Sense!  If your not sure what is going on with your car, or you just can't pinpoint that certain smell, or that click clack noise is driving you crazy let your common sense kick in and check the owners manual for factory recommended services. Car manufacturers create factory recommended maintenance schedules in  an effort to extend the life of your car. So be sensible and check the factory maintenance schedule often. 

Well, we have outlined 5 sensible steps to good car care and we hope this helps in extending the life of your car. Don't forget to look, smell, listen and touch your vehicle! Should you have any questions about your car, give us a call at 831-423-8100 or make an online appointment!


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