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Steering and Suspension

The invention of power steering has made it so much easier to drive a car. No more struggle turning the steering wheel round and round!

There are two types of steering systems: the standard steering gear (also known as recirculating ball steering gear) and the rack and pinion. Most cars on the road today, are equipped with a rack and pinion steering system. The rack and pinion system provides a faster, easier and more efficent steering experience. 

If you notice your cars steering is loose, you should have your car serviced. At Polar Automotive and Radiator, we will test drive the car to confirm customers concern with steering problems. Once the car is up on the car lift, we will check steering components for worn parts such as:

  • tie rods
  • center link
  • drag link
  • steering box
  • rack & pinion
  • idler arm
  • pitman arm 
  • lube point fitting 


After repairs have been made to the steering system, it is highly suggested to have the car aligned. Steering and alignment go hand and hand!


Should your steering wheel become difficult to turn or if it is overly loose, then give Polar Auto a call:




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